The ServerAtSchool Installation Guide documents the installation and configuration of a Linux network server, offering features that were developed especially for use in primary schools. Services include a web server, a website content management system, a mail server, a flexible user management tool, a chroot jail for users, hourly backups of user documents, nightly (off-site) backups, spam control, a name server, DHCP, a printer server, web mail, virus scanning, a firewall, a database server, a file server for Windows clients, a time server, and a secure shell.

This installation guide, which can also serve as a learning book, is aimed at the slightly above-average computer user, who can handle an editor and has at least a basic understanding of Linux. Just follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to set up a fully functional, industrial strength, rock-solid, and above all, secure school server.


Authors: Peter Fokker <peter (at) berestijn.nl> and Dirk Schouten <schoutdi (at) knoware.nl>
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