As is mostly the case with documentation, this one too leans heavily on the work of others. This piece of information could not have been completed without the cooperation of the schools where we performed our first installations. Many thanks go to the following primary schools: 'Rosa Boekdrukker', 'Joop Westerweel' and 'Corantijn' in Amsterdam, and the 'Sterrenwachter' schools in Hilversum and Loosdrecht.

Documentation also needs victims, i.e. proofreaders. However, proofreading is not enough, and 'proofdoers' might be a better term, people who follow the documentation to the letter and so expose writer's errors, irrational leaps, etc. We thank Anne and Matthijs for blindly following our instructions, and carefully reporting where we missed things, took shortcuts that were too short, and misinterpreted the reader's level of understanding. We thank Marcus for looking at the manuscript of the ServerAtSchool Installation Guide through the eyes of a native speaker.

Thanks are due to Gerhard Mourani, the author of Securing and Optimizing Linux. The Hacking Solution. His 1200-page book was an inspiration for the step-by-step approach we adopted in this guide.

This documentation project would never have seen the light of day without the support of the Folk High School 'Het Huis te Eerbeek'. From the very early stages of the ServerAtSchool project we found the board of principals willing to lend us both their ears and their trust. They immediately understood the need for an OSS/GPL school server, and saw that it perfectly matched the emancipatory mission of the school, to bring education to third world countries. The project would enable local schools to run a free, well-documented server in support of educational goals.

The writing of the documentation took longer than expected. We simply had to learn more about the server and its hardware. Making the tools to write this guide took extra time. And last but not least, there was Peter's approach to quality, summed up in "Get it right the first time". All in all, the processes leading up to our writing this text took much more time than we anticipated. The good news is that the result offers better quality to the end user than it would have if we had stuck to the agreed timetable. We thank the board for their trust and patience.

We also thank our other sponsor, who wishes to remain in the blue. You know who you are. Your support and commitment to this project are very much appreciated.

For a detailed description of the making of this documentation, see Appendix C. How the ServerAtSchool documentation was written.

Last but not least, we wish to thank all those who contributed to the documentation and the ServerAtSchool project in general (in no particular order): Faust, Valentijn, Barry, Anrik, Moon, Karin, Jos, Hans, Ronald, George, Bas, Carol, Timon, Curs, Ton, Roger, Kurt, Berend, and many others. Thank you all for your input.


Authors: Peter Fokker <peter (at)> and Dirk Schouten <schoutdi (at)>
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