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ServerAtSchools roots lie at the Public Primary School Rosa Boekdrukker in Amsterdam. Over the years, Dirk Schouten developed and practised many ideas regarding the tasks a network server in a primary school should fulfill. The book Securing & Optimizing Linux, The Hacking Solution, by Gerhard Mourani, and published by OpenNA. Inc., proved to be a valuable starting point for building such a server.

In 2002, the Rosa Boekdrukker school came into contact with Peter Fokker, a professional engineer and a software developer, who had developed similar ideas at the school of his children. When OpenNA released its rock stable serversoftware on CD-ROM in 2003, the decision was soon made. We would roll our own, using OpenNA Linux as a solid server foundation.

The Public Primary Schools 'Rosa Boekdrukker', 'Corantijn' and 'Joop Westerweel' in Amsterdam and 'Jenaplanschool De Sterrenwachter' in Hilversum and Loosdrecht then raised Euro 20.000,-- to have the specific school server software and all other special school features engineered by Peter Fokker. The first ServerAtSchool networks were installed on these schools in the summer of 2004.

In the mean time, the schools founded the association 'STRICT' (short for Scholen Tezamen Rijk met ICT, literally 'Schools Together Rich with ICT'). This cooperation takes care of the continuity of the ServerAtSchool project. By becoming a member and contributing an entrance fee, the schools themselves master their own funds and their own decisions on how ServerAtSchool should be improved. Also, the member schools have more server features which make the life of a local systems administrator or an ICT coordinator even easier. It is possible to become a member or to donate to the STRICT association.

Already from the start of the project its mission, which is also the mission of the Rosa Boekdrukker school, was clear: "We develop for the world". By this mission the Folk High School Eerbeek financed the writing of the documentation. This documentation, together with OpenNA's documentation makes this server-client project to one of the best documented projects of its kind. The documentation was completed in the spring of 2006.

ServerAtSchool 1.0 was released to the general public in April 2006 in the form of three CD-ROM images.

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