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ServerAtSchool Download Overview

The ServerAtSchool GNU/Linux distribution consists of three CD-ROMs:
  1. ServerAtSchool 1.0 Installation CD
  2. ServerAtSchool 1.0 Source CD 1
  3. ServerAtSchool 1.0 Source CD 2
Due to limited bandwidth resources, images (.iso-files) of these CD-ROMs are only available for download via mirrors, see http://serveratschool.net/download.

If you wish to install ServerAtSchool on a server computer, you only need the ServerAtSchool 1.0 Installation CD. This bootable CD-ROM contains all the necessary packages to install ServerAtSchool. The full documentation is included on the CD-ROM.

The other two CD-ROMs contain the source packages from which the binary packages on the installation CD-ROM have been built. These CD-ROMs are not necessary for a successful installation. Note that the source packages of specific ServerAtSchool packages are also located on the Installation CD-ROM.

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