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Known issues

Dealing with 'lost' directories

Sometimes, out of the blue, a pupil has lost his personal directory. After interrogation, no pupil has deleted the directory. After checking all pupils directories the missing directory is found inside another pupils directory. Neither of them has done anything wrong. It's a problem that occurs in a primary school.

The explanation is as follows. Many young children do not yet have enough eye-hand coordination and/or enough developed motion control to properly move and doubleclick the mouse. This can result in 'strange' errors and 'weird behaviour' of the computer, even though the machine does exactly what it is told to do.

See http://serveratschool.net/doc/manual/mydocs.html#h5.4.

Moving documents to a shared directory

If you want to share files or documents with others you must either copy the files into the shared directory or use the Save As... function in the application that you use to create or modify the file or document. If you move the file into a shared directory, the other members of the workgroup will not be able to use this file. This is a known issue, currently without a good fix. If you really need to move a personal file to a shared directory, you should still copy the file to the destination and subsequently remove (delete) the original.

See http://serveratschool.net/doc/manual/mydocs.html#h2.1.

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