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Name: Suluck Ridthiprasart Email: sridthiprasart (at) hotmail (dot) com
Website: http://
Date: 17-08-2007 12:32
Text: Finally someone has taken the initiative to extend what was built upon the OpenNA distribution system. I would have, but don't have the caliber to do it. I'm also anxious to load this up and try it. Many many thanxxx

Name: Andrea Morano Email: a (dot) morano (at) lex (dot) uniba (dot) it
Website: http://www.andreamorano.net
Date: 15-10-2006 14:28
Text: excellent

Name: Mark Stappenbeck Email: corbeck (at) awaforums (dot) com
Date: 19-04-2006 21:50
Text: This is a great concept. I'm anxious to load this on one of the servers and see how well it works.

Does this support thin clients?

If so, is it PXE?

Regards from Colorado!

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