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The ServerAtSchool Installation Guide (SIG) and the ServerAtSchool User Manual (SUM) contain a lot of information, not just step-by-step instructions, but also related information, usually in the form of 'notices'. Together, the SIG and the SUM provide all the information you need to set up a ServerAtSchool server with workstations.

If you need more help, Appendix B. Bibliography in the SIG may contain some useful pointers for you. You can also ask a local Linux group, which exist in many places all over the world. Or go to the nearest polytechnic or university. There are lots of IT students looking for projects that involve non-commercial interests. As a school, you probably have some goodwill; ask parents for help. Linux knowledge is spreading rapidly.

We do provide a mailing list for ServerAtSchool users. See ServerAtSchool mailing lists for more information.

Paid support for ServerAtSchool might be available, see Support us.

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