ServerAtSchool User Manual

Peter Fokker and Dirk Schouten

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Table of contents



I. Introduction to ServerAtSchool
    1. Introduction
    2. Features in layman's terms
    3. Features (in technical terms)

II. ServerAtSchool User Manual Overview
    1. Introduction
    2. The Exemplum Primary School
    3. Three roles
    4. Concluding remarks

III. Janitor
    1. Introduction
    2. Authentication
    3. Menu structure of the web interface
    4. Managing workgroups
    5. Managing users
    6. Managing CD-ROM images
    7. Advanced topics
    8. Conclusion

IV. Workstation setup
    1. Introduction
    2. Before you begin
    3. Preparing the harddisk
    4. Basic installation
    5. Saving your work
    6. Installing drivers
    7. Network connectivity
    8. Windows Update
    9. Do the samba
    10. Configuring devices
    11. What's next?
    12. Concluding remarks

V. Managing disk images with ghost for unix
    1. Introduction
    2. Making preparations
    3. Before restoring an image on a new workstation
    4. Restoring an image on a workstation
    5. Creating an image of a workstation

VI. DAEMON Tools virtual CD player
    1. Introduction
    2. Making preparations
    3. Installation
    4. Configuration
    5. Concluding remarks

VII. Installing educational software
    1. Introduction
    2. Educational software
    3. Example installations
    4. After the installation
    5. Concluding remarks

VIII. Managing user profiles
    1. Introduction
    2. Making preparations
    3. User profiles and policies
    4. Creating the golden image
    5. Inaugurating new user accounts
    6. Advanced topics
    7. Concluding remarks

IX. Shortcuts, desktops and start menus
    1. Introduction
    2. The shortcuts collection
    3. Managing Desktop and Start Menu
    4. Concluding remarks

X. Logging in and out
    1. Introduction
    2. Windows networking logon
    3. Logging out
    4. Concluding remarks

XI. My Documents and My Backups
    1. Introduction
    2. Managing 'My Documents'
    3. Restoring files from 'My Backups'
    4. Common tasks with documents in a school environment
    5. Common pitfalls and best practices
    6. Concluding remarks

XII. Teleworking with WinSCP
    1. Introduction
    2. Setting up WinSCP on your computer at home
    3. Getting started with WinSCP
    4. Advanced options
    5. Concluding remarks

XIII. Webmail with Squirrelmail
    1. Introduction
    2. Access to webmail
    3. More documentation

XIV. Managing the school website with Site@School
    1. Introduction
    2. Accessing the website
    3. Documentation
    4. Useful links

Appendix A. Additional software
    1. Introduction
    2. List of additional software

Appendix B. Bibliography
    1. Books and articles
    2. On-line resources

Appendix C. Worksheets
    1. Introduction
    2. Server properties
    3. Password list
    4. Calculating the NoDrives registry setting
    5. Calculating the NoDriveTypeAutoRun registry setting
    6. Collecting MAC-addresses and other information

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Title: ServerAtSchool User Manual
Version: 1.0
Last revised: 2006-04-06
Publisher: Ingenieursbureau PSD
Authors: Peter Fokker and Dirk Schouten
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