This User Manual is not a work on its own. It is the logical companion of the ServerAtSchool Installation Guide. In that guide the installation of a Linux server for a primary school was described. In an elaborate introduction the necessity of good documentation was underpinned and in the acknowledgements all people and institutions that helped us with the documentation and the ServerAtSchool project in general were mentioned. There is no need to repeat this, so this preface can be concise.

This User Manual exists of several parts. The first part consists of two chapters in which the features of ServerAtSchool are described and the structure of the remainder of this book is explained.

The second part of this manual is a single chapter with a detailed description of the Janitor program with which all administrative tasks in ServerAtSchool are done.

The third part is an exemplary description of the setup of a Windows 98 workstation in a ServerAtSchool environment. It consists of 6 chapters.

The fourth and last part is the end user documentation. This is divided into 5 separate chapters that can easily be printed.

We strongly advise you to not just read this book but actually do this book when you have completely finished the installation of the server. The best way to deal with the User Manual is to start at the beginning and work your way up to the end. Only in this way you will retain what you build up during the server installation. You will end up with a rock solid, fully functional and above all secure server client system where you are the master instead of the slave.

We hope you will enjoy your own server at school for years to come.

Peter Fokker, Bussum, The Netherlands <peter (at) berestijn (dot) nl>
Dirk Schouten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands <schoutdi (at) knoware (dot) nl>

March 2006


Authors: Dirk Schouten <schoutdi (at)> and Peter Fokker <peter (at)>
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